Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I was recently lucky enough to win a print by the extremely talented Sevgi, in a giveaway on her facebook page. And here it is on my wall!

blood on her hands   Sevgi K   2009

I first discovered Sevgi's work on Etsy some time ago, and used this image in a Treasury, so when I won a signed 8x10 of my choice, it was an easy decision to make. It's a powerful and provocative image, I think you'll are many of the images in her impressive body of work.

sugar and needles and all things evil   Sevgi K   2010

Browsing her flickr photostream, one discovers great variety and amazing creativity, with images ranging from conventional (but very skillfully executed) portraiture and landscape, to distinctly unconventional and conceptual. But her speciality (and focus of an ongoing 365 project) is self-portraits...and these too are created in a range of styles, almost without exception showing a depth of artistic vision and mastery of composition which I can only dream of possessing.

You're fucking perfect   Sevgi K   2011

Of course it doesn't hurt that the model in Sevgi's self-portraits is extremely beautiful, but these images transcend narcissism to become beautiful in their own right, and beautiful beyond the purely aesthetic. She has the rare ability to provoke thought and evoke emotion through her is funny, disturbing, intriguing, light, dark, serene, energetic, arresting, moving...and always interesting and inspiring. The mark of a true artist.

sit facing the window   Sevgi K   2010

As I said, I only wish I had a tenth of her brilliance. I take photographs, but Sevgi is a Photographer. Thank you Sevgi for the beautiful print...I plan to collect several more.

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  1. Ooh lucky you! Love her work, Sevgi actually won my latest giveaway on my blog! :) Love the print you chose. Love it love it love it!