Monday, 4 April 2011

UK Photo Team Update

With the UK Photo Team now just over a month old, we have nearly 60 members! When I was setting it up, I thought a dozen would make it worthwhile, and we might get a few more, so to grow so fast is amazing. Even more amazing is the incredible range and depth of photographic creativity and talent we have represented within the team.

To celebrate passing the 50 member mark, I created a Treasury featuring some of our newer recruits, all of whom bring something unique to the art of photography, and show how strong we are as a UK-based group of photographers.

I hope we can continue to develop the team, and work together to promote ourselves and each show Etsy (and the world) our collective and individual creativity and artistic vision.

Alone, we are strong...but together, we are stronger.

1 comment:

  1. beautiful treasury, I agree - us UK folk are amazing, aren't we! Looking forward to seeing the team grow even bigger in the next few weeks :)