Friday, 22 April 2011

A day at the seaside

La Nuit Américaine lll      2011

Southport is a very typical English seaside town. Once a fashionable resort, it now possesses only faded grandeur, as evidenced by the decaying but still beautiful Art Deco lamps which still line the promenade. 

La Nuit Américaine ll      2011
'La Nuit Américaine', also known as 'Day for Night' refers to the film-making technique of manipulating film and lighting to create the illusion of darkness or moonlight while shooting in the day. 

La Nuit Américaine l      2011
These shots, taken at twilight, use this filmic quality to evoke and relate a bygone era of bright young things, when the English seaside was in its heyday and celluloid in its infancy.

And the last shot from my trip to the seaside was captured not among the manicured gardens along the promenade, but in a car park strewn with rubbish at the back of a half-derelict building, where quite by chance, I came upon an angel.

Last Exit      2011
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