Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Cicatrix Caementicium, 2009
Evolving from the Dis/Integration project, and serving as an adjunct to the location-specific concept of that series, I am also working on another series with a more general exploration of weathered and deteriorated surfaces away from the salt water and ozone infused air of the North Sea coastline. 
Barn Door No.2, 2011
This series also moves away (in part) from the abstraction in destruction, to examine and evoke both the geometry of the surfaces themselves, and also the interaction of the corroding surface and corrosion itself with other elements. 
The Passage of Time, 2010
Objects and symbols, in juxtaposition or in symbiosis, create a contrast or enhancement which invite us to examine the process of deterioration, and remind us of our inevitable involvement in that process. 
Turn Left, 2011
While we talk at length of how the human race is destroying the planet which is our home, these documents of decay call to our attention the inescapable fact that, in an individual sense, we are all ultimately destroyed by natural phenomena, and our unnatural obsessions only hasten that process on a personal, but also a global scale.

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