Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hip Hip

My name is Justice, and I am a Hipstamatic addict!
I won't be giving up my hi-tech equipment, but the fun of the simulated lo-fi has me hooked.
I am blaming Sarah of Eyeshoot for my affliction/obsession, though I admit this may be entirely without justification.
Anyway, I would strongly suggest if you don't already have Hipstamatic installed on your iphone, do not be tempted by it. There is no escape once it has you in its grip.
The ridiculous number of weird and wonderful film, lenses and flash options...along with the bewildering permutations in which they may be combined...either manually or (with just a shake of the phone) randomly...well, let's just say this way madness lies.
Madness, and surprise, and wonder...and beauty.

Just say no, kids!

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